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Quentin Augé is a designer born in France, more specifically in Brive-La-Gaillarde. He has spent most of his life near Toulouse where he currently studies Digital Creation at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès. His works got exhibited in an online fashion competition hosted by the company Integrity Toys which showcased many designs from talented artists all over the world.

Ever since he was a kid, he has been creating clothes and has always found inspiration in fashion. He expressed this passion through drawing at first and then learned how to sew at 9 years old. He then created miniature clothes by hand for dolls and other fashion related accessories, experimenting with different shapes and fabrics. After getting his A-level, he decided to study Arts History since he was always interested and inspired by Art in general. After graduating, he then began his Master's degree in Digital Creation which he is still pursuing today, driven by his passion for designing fashion.

His practice mostly revolves around fashion but he also experiments with sound, photography and graphic design among other mediums. His fashion designs range from street style to high fashion through traditional techniques. He is a self taught artist and picked up most of what he knows either from trial and error or by reading about techniques online. He typically uses fabric ranging from synthetic silk to plastic but what is relevant to him is the shape of the garment rather than the material.

He now focuses on getting more creative in his designs by incorporating digital creation. He strives to mix traditional Haute Couture techniques with the digital world. Sound in fashion is his main subject for this coming year and he plans on making sound relevant in the field of fashion, giving sound a new meaning through his work-in-progress installation. His work plans on including a male presenting mannequin in a custom made garment with microphones embedded in, picking up the sounds made by the garment while the audience interacts with the outfit. The result from the interaction will be carried out through a sound and visual program, producing a distorted view of the garment's sounds. He plans on using his practice to engage a new vision on fashion and how to express it through sound.

His inspirations range from the complexity and outrageousness of Jean-Paul Gaultier to the minimalist approach of Cristobal Balenciaga. He has the capacity to evoke a storyline through fashion, mixing it with his training in Art History. His practice encompasses a wide variety of inspirations, making a wordless, compelling story through fashion.

This goal is reinforced by his beliefs in keeping a sense of traditional craftsmanship within new technologies. He believes that fashion heavily relies on handmade techniques, making them important to keep even in a mostly digital world. This appreciation for the craftsmanship comes from what he witnessed but also how he experimented with fashion, by incorporating these age long techniques into his works.

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